Sunday, August 10, 2014

Simple Butterfly Cards

If feels utterly blasphemous purchasing store bought cards when I think of all the supplies I have at home to make my own.  Sadly that's exactly what I've been doing for the past year, if I've given a card at all. Sometimes its just a piece of the wrapping paper that I've folded up and written a simple "to... from...". Yep. Blasphemous.

So I'm trying a simpler, quicker approach to making cards. An image, a quote, and lots of beautiful white space.  I'm hoping I can accumulate a collection at home where I can just grab one and go. 

It takes a really creative mind and keen eye to use white space effectively. My friends Kim and Felicia are fabulous at it and I've always admired their work. Simplicity was never my forte.  I've always needed balance, symmetry and coverage of the page just short of looking cluttered.  It's just been my style, so this was definitely branching out for me.

Here are some simple cards I threw together, using Copics and a beautiful butterfly stamp by Stampedous.   Cutting out the butterfly's were a little tedious, but by the third I had gotten into a pretty good groove.

I've posted these to my gallery on with a list of the Copics and supplies I used for each.

Scrapbooking Tip:  Round the corners of your cards.  It really softens the look of them and makes them easier to slide into envelopes.