Monday, June 03, 2013

A Mini Wedding Album For A Very Special Person

Hello everyone!  I'm so sorry if it appears that I've been ignoring my blog.... I most certainly haven't!  Some projects just take longer than others.  I've literally lost track of how many hours this mini-album has taken me, and it doesn't help that I've torn it apart three times, haha! 

This project of some of my wedding photo's was partly an experiment into scrapbooking with a shabby chic distressed look, but it's also a gift for a very special person. 

On my wedding day my Auntie (who is also my Godmother) was invaluable, and I may have lost my cool that morning had she not been there for me.  She helped my bridesmaids tie up my dress, touched up my nails, tidied the house for photos, she got Lucas dressed and took care of him for most of the day, and she also did the bible readings at our ceremony with my Uncle (who is also her husband and my Godfather).  So this album is for her. It was a long time coming but I hope she likes it.


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