Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where I Create

When I started scrapbooking 5 year ago, my craft space was the kitchen table and all my supplies were in a tiny little paper and embellishment holder. I didn't have much, so I didn't need much space.  As time went on, my space eventually graduated to my townhouse loft (with no windows and unlimited toddler access) and now to a basement corner in our new house.

My undeveloped basement space really isn't so bad.  It has some natural light from the window, and Terry put in natural light bulbs in for me.  I have plenty of counter space thanks to a freebee desk from our good friends Adam and Alli, a $40 fold up table from Costco and I've got two more shelving units coming from my mom so my husband can have his utility shelves back.  My current storage for my supplies is literally scraps from 4 different desks that were all salvaged for one reason or another. Even the computer I use down there is from a laptop with a broken screen plugged into a screen from an even older computer, but it all works and that's all I need it to do.  Even my chair is the stool from Terry's Rockband drum set, lol.  It's actually super comfy!

While I dream of a more professional looking space - and I have a pinterest board devoted to this dream - I'm actually pretty content with what I have. But one day I will have custom built-in shelves and cupboards, fancy stone counter space, lots of natural light, and plenty of space to have a friend or two over to scrapbook with.  One day....

Even though what I have right now is not ideally organized, everything is accessible, in a spot where things won't get damaged, and I have plenty of space to get creative.  I'm definitely happy with what I have.

I'd love to hear what keeps your craft or work space organized that you can't live without. Feel free to enter it in the comments below.