Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Thank you to Alberta Rescue Foundation

It's a guest blog post from none other than my pretty pooch Navi.

Just before Halloween we threw a birthday or "bWOOFday" party for her where I made some fun dog themed party stationary  The banner is still in mint shape so I have put it for sale on my etsy store.  All proceeds for it will be donated directly to the rescue organization we adopted Navi from.  Speaking of which, I also want to take this opportunity to send a big thank you to Alberta Rescue Foundation (ARF) for rescuing Navi and picking us to adopt her.  We love her very very much!

Here's a letter from Navi.


This is Navi, used to be Neve when I lived with my foster parents.  I just wanted to send you an update on how I have been doing since you helped me adopt my family.  

I really love where I live and everyone here! My mom is home with me all day so I’m especially attached to her.  I used to cry at the door when she’d leave for work on Sunday evenings.  Now I just take a nap.  My dad is fun too, he plays catch with me in the back yard, and he lets me snuggle with him on the couch.  I adore Zoe, she takes me for my evening walks during the week and is always so happy to see me when she gets home from school.  The littlest humans I love a lot.  They like to sneak into the pantry and feed me a whole bag of treats sometimes, even though they get in trouble every time.  The little one they call Nathan is super cuddly too.

Well I’m all house trained.  It only took me a couple weeks.  I’m pretty sure I saw my little humans pee on the floor more than I did.  And I’ve been VERY WELL BEHAVED, I never chew on anything but my bones and my dog toys, and the only time I ever bark is when the doorbell rings.  Although, I do sometimes growl when I see a dog walking toward my house on the sidewalk, but then I start to cry when they walk away because they didn’t stop by.  I never jump up on people anymore, well just my dad because he insists on giving me attention when I do.  I always listen to my mom and dad’s commands to sit or go lie on my bed.   I learned lots of them at the Dogma classes (thank you for those btw).  I can’t wait to take some more.  I’ve also learned to like my crate because I always get a special bone or treat in there.  I used to cry a lot when I would have to go in there because my family would leave but now they have Skype set up for me so I feel much more at ease when I can hear their voices.

I absolutely LOVE the backyard here! There is so much room for me to run around and play catch.  Sometimes I even ring the doggy bell on the back door every five minutes because I just can’t get enough of being out there. Speaking of the doggy bell, I trained my mom and dad to open the door for me every time I ring it. They do really well with that method so I can go when I need to.  They even built me a five-star doggy bathroom complete with special pet grade faux grass and wrought iron fencing.  It’s my own special bathroom just for me, and keeps my little humans from stepping on my business.

I ADORE going for walks around my neighborhood. There are so many dogs and kids for me to say hi to.  I’m a little shy around people who don’t have any dogs or kids with them, though.  I even get kind of growly when they get near my little humans, but I feel better when they give me a treat.  I think the only thing I like better than my walks (…and maybe my chicken dinners) is the dog park!  It’s really helped my confidence!  I have made so many friends there, and I love being able to run and run and run.  I especially enjoy the park with the river for me to play in.  I don't mean to brag but I am quite the swimmer!

I turned one a few months ago and my family threw me a bWOOFday party. It was so fun! My best friend Shyla (she’s a malamute) came over.  I get so excited when she comes over that we jump around the house like gazelles.  For my special day my Nana made me a pink dress and matching booties.  I’m not sure about either, but I sure looked pretty and got loads of attention. 

I just wanted to send you an extra special thanks for rescuing me, but after living here, I’m pretty sure it was my family that I rescued.  I just don't know what they did for puppy snuggles before I came along. Either way, thank you for everything you do, and please send lots of love to my foster parents April and Greg, I miss them dearly!

Love you all!

Happy bWOOFday to me!

This is my best friend Shyla and her human Alivia 

This is me after an afternoon at the spa.  I am just so pretty!

 Hanging out with my friends at the dog park.


This is me and my little human Nathan. I love him.