Saturday, October 04, 2014

World Card Making Day 2014

Happy World Card Making Day Everyone!

I'm sure everyone is spending this lovely Saturday crafting up some wicked cards! Lol.  If you are, power to you.  I'm spending the morning playing retro video games with my husband - it's how we bond. 

This week I did make a card for two very sweet little girls that my boys play with.  They went to their birthday party yesterday evening. It was adorable, all decked out with Disney's Frozen theme, which I loved!  I was very surprised when Lucas asked the face-painter to have Olaf on his cheek.  I was sure he would have asked for batman or a pirate.  He sure did fit right it with all the Elsa's there!

The boys had a great time even though they weren't on their best behavior.  I'd like to think that all moms have had those moments at someone's house where you spend more time keeping your kid from causing havoc than letting them have fun. It can be very stressful but the girls' mom is a dear friend of mine and very laid back and accommodating. At least nothing was broken or damaged, and no one was hurt except Nathan who got a couple scratches when he decided not to play nice with the resident cat after being warned many times.  I think he learned his lesson. 

So no further ado, here is the card! It's so pretty using last year's Isabella line by Bo Bunny.

By the way, I do apologize to those who subscribe to my blog via email, as you would have got a draft form of this post.  Unfortunately the save button is a bit too close to the publish button.  Sorry again!

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