Thursday, November 06, 2014

Not Your Typical Suzy Homemaker Scrapbook Project

Here is a page I recently created for my client Crystal.  She wanted something unique to give her fiance on their anniversary that featured their engagement photo's.  

My first thought is what can I create that will appeal to a guy?  

I scrolled through A LOT of different layouts and styles trying to find something that would showcase her photo's nicely without looking "Suzy Homemaker".  Crystal and her man are a really good looking couple, so a bunch of boring buttons and bows just wasn't going to cut it.  I searched, googled, scrolled, etc. I found NOTHING.

Of course when I stopped looking, that was exactly when I found my inspiration.  The next day on my Pinterest feed I saw someone had pinned a red and black burlesque costume that was super pretty, and thought, hey I could use some of those same elements for this project.  So I found some lace, ruffly trim, satin ribbons and some bold red and black paper and a little damask too. I even tried to recreate some feminine lines like a boustier for the back drop of the photo's.  I wanted some red roses to pull it all together, but they were surprisingly hard to find.  That is if your not spending $12 at Michaels on 2 flowers. So some white roses misted with red ink were just going to have to do.  Alice in Wonderland would be so proud.

As it began to come together my teenager mentioned to me that it looked very "Twilight" - like the movie with the sparkly vampires.  I crossed my fingers that Crystal at least didn't hate the movies or the books, that way I could just run with what I was doing.  She liked the movies, thank goodness, so I decided to change the font I originally had for the text portion to a Twilight style font. Then with some distressing, inking, and yes a little sparkle mist, VOILA!

So here's the final project and it's as smokin' hot as the couple featured in it!

To Crystal: I forgot to tell you the red roses smell like cinnamon

Scrapbook tip: If you ever do a cross stitch (or any type of stitch for that matter) with ribbon, thread, twine etc on a scrapbook page, save yourself a whole lot of time and frustration and purchase a proper threading needle.  My cross-stitches took as long to do as the rest of page.  I kid you not.

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